Broker | REALTOR® Patty Woolf, of The Woolf Team, gives you the inside story on listing your home during the (so-called) “slow-season”.

Whatever It Is, It's Related to Real Estate

biltmore village christmasThe REAL reason to keep your home on the market during the winter

Maybe in waaaaaay northern areas of our country the real estate market crashes during winter, but not here.  One of the major attractions to our region is our four-season climate.  No matter which season you love, we have it here.  That also means we have visitors year-round.  Winter brings beautiful decorations of all kinds, twinkling lights all over the city, and the temperatures that make us feel in a holiday mood.  Downtown is packed; Biltmore Village is packed; Pack Place is, well, packed!  People from all over are here falling in love with the area and wanting to see what homes they can purchase.  I know, because that’s what my family did!

So your home’s been on the market and you decide to take it off because no one searches for homes during the winter, it’s a…

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Climate Change Resilience in Real Estate

How do buyers and sellers adapt to the changing physical landscape? Our Broker | REALTOR® and one half of The Woolf Team, Patty Woolf, breaks it down for us.

Whatever It Is, It's Related to Real Estate

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover from difficulties; toughness.  As it specifically relates to social communities, resilience is the ability of a system or community to survive disruption and to anticipate, adapt, and flourish in the face of change.

Tacking onto the blog from last week about natural disasters and the cost to rebuild, it makes sense to talk about how adapt to these costly disasters in the first place.  Setting aside climate change as a politically-charged debate topic, industry leaders are building climate change into their five, 10, and 100-year plans.  It is having an impact on the housing industry accept it or not.   The hot topic is resilience and it has everything to do with property values, insurance rates, and population movement.  At its core, resilience in housing starts with location, location, location.   Not a shock; people don’t want to buy homes in locations that are…

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